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Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Legend

Found on the Internet in November 2005

Can you believe they are going to build this?

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Opening January 1, 2006
Hualapai Indian Reservation

  • Sticks out about 70 feet over the canyon, 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.
  • Projected throughput of 120 people per hour.
  • Built with more than a million dollars in liability insurance.
  • Designed to conform to all building regulations applicable on Native American reservation land not subject to state or federal construction laws or guidelines.
  • Has no walls and gigantic holes in the floor for better viewing


Behind the Legend

Sure enough, the Hualapai Indians, in conjunction with Native Americans across the country, will be opening this tourist attraction in 2006.

The Skywalk, constructed entirely from sticks and rawhide using traditional construction methods, will be accessible to visitors who pay a $20 fee and signs a waiver after being informed that if they lose their balance or are knocked aside by a gust of wind, they should just let themselves fall into the gentle waters of the Colorado below and "aim away from the rocks."

In an interesting and controversial move, the attraction's operators are only allowing white men to use the attraction. Native American, African, Asian, female, and (in some cases) Irish guests are invited to sit on the nearby bandstands and watch.

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