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Cards for George

The Legend

Received via e-mail March 2004

Would you like to help a very sad little boy? George is a fine young man, just going into his fifth year of life, but he has a lot of trouble making friends. Everyone he meets tries to pick fights with him, and he often says that he feels like half the people in the country just wish he'd go away and never be seen again.

Well, you can make George's day a little brighter by helping him reach his goal of collecting enough postcards to get into the book of world records! Just get a postcard (one with a big, pretty picture would be best), write a friendly message on the back of it in block print with no big words, and send it to:

A Postcard for George
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Come on and send a postcard -- you do like little children, don't you?

Behind the Legend

This one's true. As recently as the morning this posting was written, George was on network news pleading for your support.

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