Urban Legends

Bloody Mary

The Legend

Collected in 1942

Did you know that you can summon the spirit of Bloody Mary, the evil queen who killed millions of Protestants with her own hands? It's easy! Just go into the bathroom at midnight with the lights off. Then light a single candle (it shouldn't be a scented candle, because that ruins the mood). Then look in the mirror and whisper "Bloody Mary" thirteen times, slow and deliberate. Then the horrible corpse of Bloody Mary will appear in the mirror, reach out, and scratch your face off!

It's fun! Try it!

Behind the Legend

It's no clear whether or not this works or not, because we're not about to try it and we don't know anyone who will.

The legend exists in a number of equally unverified variations, including:

  • If you say "Henry the Eighth" over and over in front of a mirror, your wife's head will fall off.
  • If you repeat "Elizabeth the First" to the mirror, nobody will ever go out with you again.
  • If you repeat "I believe in Mary Worth" in front of a darkened mirror thirteen times, newspaper comic strips will never seem funny again.
  • Singing the U2 song "Bloody Sunday" in front of the mirror will make any day of the week into Sunday.
  • Saying seven "Hail Marys" in front of a mirror will make it hail.
  • If you say "Mary, Mary, quite contrary" into a mirror over and over and over until you just can't stand it any more, the other girls at the slumber party will think you're a complete idiot.

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