Urban Legends

The Wedding Picture Surprise

The Legend

Found on the Internet in August 1995.

A friend of mine who works at the same music store I do knows a guy who was at this wedding in Clemson where the coolest thing happened. It was a gigantic wedding, with more than 400 people in a big church. The bride was this really rich girl who was totally hot and also was getting her doctorate in physics. The groom was a totally expert surfer, but most of her family didn't know him that well.

Anyway, after the wedding there was this huge reception at the Marriott. Everyone was dancing and drinking and eating and stuff, and the groom got up and asked everyone to listen up because he had something he wanted to say.

He thanked everyone for coming and said he really appreciated it because some of them lived a long way away. Plus, he thanked them for all the great gifts and he thanked the bride's family for paying for everything, including prepaying for their non-refundable two-week Hawaii honeymoon. Then he said that to thank everyone, he had put something special in an envelope under everyone's chair and that they should all open their envelopes.

The guests opened their envelopes, and inside each one was an 8x10 picture of a naked man and woman totally going at it. After he waited a minute to watch everyone's reactions, the groom said, "That's right! It's my best friend -- and my best friend's wife!" Then he cussed at the bride, and cussed at his best friend (who was his best man), and stormed out of the room.

The next day, the bride had the marriage annulled. It turned out that the groom was an idiot.

Behind the Legend

After this incident occurred, word of it spread across the Internet like wildfire, more or less intact. But over time a number of mutations appeared, including versions in which:

  • The groom has drugged the toasting champagne and all of the guests wake up the next morning with their kidneys missing.
  • The groom reveals that the Asian caterers mistakenly made the wedding feast from the contents of the bride's family's private kennel.
  • All of the envelopes contain needles positioned to prick anyone trying to open them along with a note that says, "Welcome to the world of AIDS."

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