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Secret Wedding Night Video

The Legend

A wealthy man and his bride of one year decided to spend their first wedding anniversary at the same Adirondack lodge where they spent their honeymoon. The honeymoon had been less than perfect, due to the groom's having somehow managed to lose the $10,000 in cash he was carrying to cover expenses, and they wanted a second chance at a perfect trip.

They arrived at the lodge in the early evening and retired to their room, where they found that the establishment still had an in-room pornography channel available. On their honeymoon, they hadn't partaken of that bit of naughtiness (they were too engaged in making some of their own), but this time they thought they'd give it a try.

You can imagine their embarrassment when they turned on the channel and found video of themselves doing all manner of nasty in this very room on their wedding night! And even worse, when the film shifted to their adventures in the bathtub, the bride's father -- who had apparently followed them -- could be seen in the background sneaking into the room, stealing the $10,000 out of the groom's coat, and taping something beneath one of the chairs. Scandalized but curious, the bride went to the chair and turned it over, finding that an envelope was still taped there. She opened it, and inside was a photo of her husband having sex with her maid of honor at his bachelor party!

Breaking down in tears, the bride apologized for her father and forgave her husband for his indiscretion. As it turns out, the bride had done a little fooling around at her own bridal shower, which explained why their baby, left back home with a hippie teenage babysitter, was black.

Behind the Legend

The incident in question occurred in 1993 at the Adirondack Lodge in Warrensburg, NY. It is not known what the outcome of the resulting lawsuit was, but the lodge no longer offers in-room pornography and when we spoke with the proprietor, he first tried to sell us one of his paintings, and then, when he found that we were interested in the porn story, suggested that we "get the hell off [his] property before [he] sicced his [ugly] dogs on [us]!"

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