Urban Legends

The Bride's Thank You

The Legend

There was a large wedding in church near here not too long ago, and the couple being married were both from very well-to-do families. Near the end of the ceremony, both the bride and the groom had special messages they wanted to read to the congregation.

The groom's message was all about his bride's "hotness," how thin her dress made her look, and how pretty she was.

When it was the bride's turn to speak, she turned to face their guests and said, "I want to thank everyone for coming to make this such a very special day. And I want to thank you all for the wonderful gifts. I want to thank my parents for helping make this dream come true. And," she turned to the groom to deliver the last line, "I want to thank you, Greg, for sleeping with my maid of honor last night."

The groom smiled and said, "You're welcome honey. Glad you could be there."

Several people in the congregation screamed or fainted, but other than that the wedding continued uninterrupted.

Behind the Legend

This incident occurred in a Simi Valley church in 1985, and the tale is told to this day. We're really not sure why, although postings of the story on the Internet are often accompanied by photos.

In one variation of the legend, the bride is the late Princess Diana.

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