Urban Legends

Contraceptive Misunderstandings

The Legend

A woman sued the drugstore where she purchased contraceptive jelly because she ate it every day on toast but got pregnant anyway.


A woman is suing the publishers of Grey's Anatomy because she saw in the book that she had a diaphragm in her stomach. Since she had one built in, she threw away the diaphragm she'd gotten from her gynecologist and ended up getting pregnant.


A man won almost a million dollars from a music store. How? Well, it seems that his wife got pregnant even though they had used a pair of bongos purchased at the store to practice the rhythm method.


A teenager in Atlanta got his girlfriend pregnant. They'd been trying to be careful, but it turned out that they thought party balloons were clown-themed condoms. Said the girl, "They were uncomfortable, they didn't work, and they made this awful, irritating squeaky noise. We're gonna sue."


A woman got pregnant even though she was on the pill -- or so she thought. She had one of those dial-type "pill" dispensers and took the thing regularly for a month. When she was out of pills, she refilled the dial dispenser with baby aspirin, "because it was cheaper." She later said, "I should have realized that 'baby' aspirin makes you have a baby. It's kind of obvious now."


A man paid $500,000 for a condom after being convinced it was a condominium.

Behind the Legend

There was, at one time, a great deal of worry over the fact that less intelligent or less educated people tend to have more children than more intelligent or more educated people in the same culture. Apparently, this is why.

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