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What Happened to Blair?

The Legend

Do you remember the old TV show The Facts of Life? I used to love that show. My favorite character was Blair, the gorgeous blonde. She was kind of into herself but let's face it, she deserved it!

I bet you wonder what happened to her after the show ended. It's all pretty mysterious. Blair (her real name) moved to Burkittsville, Maryland, and started to live pretty much on her own. She really didn't like being in the limelight all the time. Rumors started going around that she was doing some pretty weird things, and a few kids are quoted as saying that she kind of "appeared" next to them while they were playing and would just stand there, being spooky. They said her gorgeous Facts of Life hair was all tousled and that there were leaves in her hair. Some kids said they saw her in the woods making weird little dolls out of sticks.

The town got worried that Blair had gone off her rocker and the town council officially banned her from the city limits. Two months later, Blair disappeared completely, along with all the female children in the town. They were never seen again.

Then just last year three college students decided to do a film project and go into the woods around Burkittsville and see if they could find evidence of what had happened to Blair. They disappeared and were never heard from again, but the video they shot was found in the foundation of the darling little woodland cottage that Blair had at one time lived in. The footage shows the students getting lost, then having strange things happen to them, like finding a little bundle that appeared to contain some of Blair's golden hair and perfect teeth.

I hear that they end up stumbling upon some kind of preternatural backwoods charm school and are politely ripped to pieces by dozens of little Blair look-alikes, but I'm not sure about that because I haven't seen the film (which was edited and released to theaters as The Blair Witch Project).

Behind the Legend

The description above is a fair accounting of the film The Blair Witch Project, but it makes the mistake of believing that this fake documentary is true. "Blair" from The Facts of Life did separate from her constant on-camera lifestyle for a while after the show ended, and she does enjoy making "little dolls out of sticks" and other crafts, but that's all the film gets right. The actress who played Blair is not an admitted witch, and she did not disappear permanently. The fact is, "Blair" grew up and used the wealth she amassed on television to start a media empire. She's now known by her real name, Martha Stewart.

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