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Hillary Clinton and Black Panthers

The Legend

Submitted via e-mail in October, 2000

Back in 1969, a group of Black Panthers decided that another panther named Alex Rackley was a spy and should die. They tied Rackley to a chair, did many very, very nasty things to him, and then killed him and threw him in a river.

Maybe at this point you're curious as to what happened to these Black Panthers. Well, eight years later only one of them was still in jail. Warren Kimbro was the Panther who actually killed Rackley and he got a scholarship to Harvard, and although we're not saying that he necessarily got it because of sympathy for his illegal and immoral act, the scholarship did come after the killing and is therefore likely because of it. Only in America!

Ericka Huggins also helped with the whole torture/murder "scene" (as they called such things in the '60s'). She's now been elected to a California school board, possibly because someone thought that a person with experience in corporal punishment would be good for our children. Only in an American public school!

How in the world did these killers get off so easy? Well, it may have been in part because of the help offered by two people who came to the defense of the panthers. These two people single-handedly shut down Yale University (as well as two neighboring states and a Dennys) in protest during the trial. One of those people was none other than Bill Lan Lee. Mr. Lee, or Mr. Lan Lee, or Bill, or "Billy," as the case may be is the head of the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. He got that job illegally, but we're not going to give you the details because we don't have the time to make them up right now.

The other Panther defender was -- like Lee, or Lan Lee, or William Lee, or "Willie," -- a radical hippie-loving Yale law student at that time. She is now known as The Smartest Parent in Her Family. She is none other than the U.S. Senator from the State of New York -- our lovely [sic] First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Behind the Legend

The truth behind this one is easy enough to dig out. Yes, the crime was real. Yes, there were protests. Yes, Hillary Rodham and Bill Lan Lee were involved in organizing the protests. But what is left out of this story is that, as Yale University law students, Rodham and Lee didn't have a whole lot of free time to devote to researching this subject before organizing their protests. Apparently, they thought that the Black Panthers were actual panthers, great jungle cats that were being tried for attacking another cat, possibly in a zoo. They never questioned why a predatory cat would use a gun or throw someone in a river, but as law students they were more focused on results than details.

After the incident, Rodham was made aware of the case's details, but to this day she has never withdrawn her support for black panthers (or any other endangered felines)

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