Urban Legends

The CIA made AIDS

The Legend

AIDS is a manmade disease, created at Fort Detrick in the united states under orders from the CIA in conjunction with the Regan administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pentagon, and rogue elements from the former Soviet Union after heavy lobbying by the Moral Majority. It is an "improved" virus modified to be incurable but based on a formula developed in secret by Nazi scientists working for Hitler, and specifically designed to target "undesirables" such as people in (or ancestrally from) Africa and Haiti, homosexuals, recreational drug users, people who need transfusions, and anyone who would closely associate with such people, including their newborn children. It was spread through tainted blood and infected fluoridated water and K-Y jelly.

Behind the Legend

The truth about the origin of AIDS is much simpler -- and much more frightening. AIDS, scientists generally agree, was spread to humans by chimpanzees. Some conspiracy theorists might argue that the chimps had been infected by the CIA, et al, but there is absolutely no evidence for this. In fact, a number of other horrible infections diseases have been introduced to humanity by chimps, including Ebola, Marburg, and Saturday Night Fever.

Careful observers note that worldwide there have been an increasing number of incidents of chimpanzee-related injuries and attempted zoo escapes. Add to this the fact that Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, and Maurice Evans all died under mysterious circumstances, and that Charlton Heston has a degenerative brain condition, and the evidence for some kind of extra-human conspiracy nearly becomes overwhelming.

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