Urban Legends

Ball Washing

The Legend

There was an article in the Orlando Sentinel last October [2001] about a golfer named Everett Sanchez who suffered a bizarre injury at the golf course. Sanchez had been drinking beer with his buddies as they staggered through 18 holes, and when the round was over, the other members of Sanchez's threesome made a bet that he wouldn't wash his testicles in the ball washer.

Not one to pass the opportunity to win an easy $2, Sanchez dropped his hideous golfing pants, stood on tippytoes, and straddled the machine. Trouble began when he spun the crank on the machine, jamming his equipment in the equipment.

Sanchez began screaming like a little girl. Paramedics soon arrived and freed him from the mechanism. They were preparing the still-moaning Sanchez for his trip to the hospital when one of the other golfers asked if they should "mark Sanchez balls." The ambulance attendants laughed so hard at this that they dropped the stretcher, sending Sanchez tumbling onto his own golf bag and breaking his new $300 driver.

Behind the Legend

Although there really was an article about Everett Sanchez in the October 3, 2001 Orlando Sentinal, drunk guys do this kind of thing so often that the story is in no way unique. Young men get bits of their personal anatomy stuck in unusual places (pool water outlets, faucets, bits of pipe, doughnut presses, party balloons, plastic animals, automobile exhaust pipes, etc.) every day, as can be verified by spending a few minutes with any paramedic emergency room attendant.

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