Urban Legends

The Mugger's Perfume

The Legend

Found on the Internet in November 2001


I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot the other afternoon having just picket up some new clothes to wear to my cousin's (now my stepfather's) wedding when two men drove up in a fancy car (a Pinto) and told me that I could really use some per-fume and that they'd sell me some cheap.

Well, my friend Mrs. Beauford P. Mulwap had told me about this e-mail she had red about men who did this kind of thing. They would wait for a woman then offer her per-fume, but when they sprayed a whiff of it it would knock the woman out because it was really knock-out gas!

Then when the woman was unconscious they would take her purse with her store money, her skinning knife, her fishing line, and all those other good things and just leave her there in the parking lot with her dress all messed and no more dignity than a school girl after her first date with the captain of the football team.

Consider yourself warned now, you hear?


Pass this on! A woman recently was walking in a mall parking lot just after lunch when two men came out from between cars and offered to sell her a bottle of nice perfume cheap. She said okay, and they sprayed her with it to see how she liked the scent, but it wasn't perfume -- IT WAS ETHER!

The woman was immediately unconscious. She woke up about an hour later in the trunk of her car. The trunk lid was open, and the woman was freezing because she was covered in ice. On the lid of the trunk was written in her own lipstick, "Call 911. You need an ambulance."

The woman almost panicked -- that had been a new lipstick!

She called 911 on her cell phone and when the ambulance arrived they discovered that her kidneys had been removed. They turned up that evening on eBay.

Behind the Legend

These stories sound unbelievable. On the face of it, the second one in particular seems impossible. How could it be that a woman could be abducted in broad daylight in a crowded mall parking lot, have major surgery performed on her in public, and then be packed in a car trunk full of ice without anyone trying to stop her assailants or calling the police? The short answer is that the incident occurred in New York City. 'Nuff said.

Fortunately, the poor woman was able to buy back her kidneys. The eBay auction ran up into the thousands of dollars, propelled by what may have been shill bids, but the woman won, and that's what's important. Doctors were able to reattach the kidneys (which arrived via bulk-rate mail only a few weeks later) with little difficulty.

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