Urban Legends

The Carjacker's Flier

The Legend

Found on the Internet in December 2004

Imagine being in a parking lot. You walk to your car, unlock it, get in, shut your door, lock your doors, put on your seatbelt, start the engine, shift into reverse, and turn your head to look backward while you back out of your parking space. That's when you notice a piece of paper of some sort stuck to your back window. You shift into park, unlock your seatbelt, unlock the doors, open your door, jump out, and go get the piece of paper that was blocking your view.

That's when the carjacker strikes!

He jumps out of a bush and into your car and drives off without even putting on his seatbelt (not safe!) You' practically get run over.

Then you look at the piece of paper you took off the window. It's a nice note telling you that you won tickets to a sold-out concert. Trying to make the best of the situation, you go to the concert with your family, but when you get home you find out that your house was robbed and everything is gone except for your toothbrushes and your camera!


Just drive away and take the paper off of your window later. Even if you stop the car and take your keys out with you to get the paper, another carjacker hiding under your car will just reach out with a knife and cut your Achilles tendon and steal your car anyway. It's not worth it!

Behind the Legend

This common scheme is so well known these days that it hardly ever catches anyone anymore. Even so, police recommend that if you do see a piece of paper attached to your rear window, leave it there and drive your car directly through any nearby bushes so that you at least have a chance of flattening the attempted thief.

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