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Mexican Secret Tax

The Legend

Found on the Internet in May 1998

I was sitting around the house, bored because the wife was at work and I really didn't feel like wasting another afternoon calling around looking for work, and just started looking at things around the trailer. That's when I noticed something interesting. All sorts of stuff has these two little letters, "TM," printed on it. Beer cans, bags of pork rinds, the back of the TV, the tag on my undershirt, even the toilet had the letters on it. Weird, right?

I called up my cousin Billy Ray and he told me he knew all about it. It turns out that there's this group that goes to all the big companies and makes them pay a secret tax, and if they don't then the group gets all the Mexicans in America to stop buying the product. That's not a big deal in any of the God-faring states, but it's a big threat to the likes of California, and that's a big market, Billy Ray says.

So do you want to go spending your hard-earned money so that The Mexicans (TM) can just make off with their cut of it from their secret tax? Hell no! That's why all good white people have to either not buy stuff with the letters on it, or steal it, or if you have to buy it, scrape off or cut off the letters so the damned Mexicans don't get a cent.

Thank you and God bless.

Behind the Legend

This particular piece of offensive racist crap has been floating around in a variety of forms for years. It is akin to baseless rumors of a "Jewish secret tax" on kosher products.

Still up in the air, however, is the possibility that there is a secret tax that goes to either Russia (for products with a circled "R" on them) or the American Communist Party (for products with a circled "C" on them). We have not been able to get any major corporation to answer our queries on this subject.

In a similar vein, we have not been able to figure out why so many products say "China" on them when they are made from plastic or other non-china substances.

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