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Hitler Invented Fanta

The Legend

When Hitler was in power in Germany, he hated anything to do with America or any of the other "lesser races." He had Coca-Cola banned from Germany because it was a symbol of America. To make the German people less likely to be upset by the announcement, he had his propaganda minister Goebbels hire a team to make a new soft drink.

This new drink was called Fanta and marketed with the slogan, "It's the Reich thing." Advertisements were made that were reminiscent of Coke (such as a person upset because her grandmother has been taken away by the police picking up a Fanta to cheer herself, accompanied by the slogan, "Have a Fanta and a smile"). The idea was to convince people that Coke had merely changed its name as opposed to being banned.

A few "underground" propaganda films were also made, prominently showing stereotypical Jewish people drinking Coke while corrupting "pure Arian youth." Products of Disney and other American corporations received similar treatment.

After the war, Coca-Cola purchased Fanta in an attempt to turn something evil into something good. Said a Coke spokesperson at the time, "Sure they treated us bad but it could have been worse -- we could have been Jewish."

Behind the Legend

Just to clarify a few points for young modern readers with a public-school education:

  • Hitler was a bad, bad man.
  • During World War II, Germany was bad.
  • Nazis were bad then, too. They're still bad today, but they don't dress as well as they used to.

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