Urban Legends

Secret Message in Coke Logo

The Legend

The Coca-Cola "script" logo was created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1886. Because he was a Mason, Frank Robinson was a great believer in mysticism and Christianity, and he was sorely bummed that the Crusades had ultimately failed to "free the Holy Land from the scourge of Islam" (as he recently said to a Los Angeles Times reporter via psychic medium).

As a sign of his distaste for the religion of Islam, Robinson designed the Coke logo so that, when viewed in a mirror, it reads "May the armies of righteousness rout Mohammed and Mecca and bring light into the darkness with a sword in one hand and this fine cola beverage in the other" in Farsi.

Isn't it time we tried to make peace in the Middle East? For this reason we must boycott Coke! It's the right thing to do.

Martin Plaino
PepsiCo Publicity Department

Behind the Legend

Actually, Frank Mason Robinson had no feelings about Islam one way or another that we know of. He was a rabid cocaine addict, however, and by viewing the Coca-Cola logo sideways you can see a picture of someone snorting cocaine. An interesting note is that, although today we think of people nasally ingesting cocaine powder through a rolled paper, in the 19th century cocaine was a liquid and it was snorted through a straw (as seen in the logo).

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