Urban Legends

Coca-Cola Contains Acid

The Legend

Coca-Cola contains an incredible (and unhealthy) amount of acid. Don't believe me? Then consider this:

  1. In many states, police officers used to carry spray cans of Coke to shoot in the face of criminals and debilitate them. These Coke cans were eventually replaced with less harmful mace and pepper spray.
  2. A vat of Coke can skeletonize a live cow in less than a minute.
  3. Many automobile batteries are filled with Coke syrup.
  4. If a Coca-Cola truck crashes on the highway and spills its load, a hasmat team has to be called and the cloud of noxious vapors can kill small animals up to three miles away.
  5. Doctors and safety experts recommend that, if you must drink Coke, that you at least wear rubber gloves and safety goggles.
  6. The title creature in Alien had Coke syrup for blood.

Behind the Legend

All of this is true.

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