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What Does "Adidas" Mean?

The Legend

The "Adidas" brand of athletic shoes (popular in the 1970s) got its name from the first letters in the phrase "All Day I Dream About Sex."

Behind the Legend

There are two bits of misinformation at work here. The first is that Adidas is a sexual acronym. Actually, the sports manufacturer is a great proponent of fairness in competition and the product name is a warning directed, in particular, at young athletes. The name is an acronym for "Athletes die ignoble deaths after steroids."

The second mistake is that people dream about sex all day. In fact, most normal, healthy people only dream at night, and during the day think about sex approximately every two minutes (if they are male).

Much more interesting is the Nike brand, the name of which is a self-referential acronym: "Nike Is Kind of Expensive."

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