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Chinese Restaurant Mice

The Legend

Received via e-mail, February 2005

William Wendams was talking about this on his show today! A popular Chinese restaurant in Atlanta has been shut down by the food police! It was shut down after authorities received a tip that the restaurant was receiving shipments of mice from a disreputable vendor and that they were being used in the preparation of "exotic" dishes. See the disturbing actual picture attached! The owner and his wife were arrested and charged with violations of the pure food and drug act, computer piracy, and a lot more.

The restaurant is a popular gathering spot for celebrities such as Whitney, Denzel, Cher, Monica, H. R. Puffinstuff, Clara Bow, and The Jackson 5, among others.

The restaurant is located off of Peachpoint Road and Northaretta, near the Alpha Tree Mall, but I'm not going to mention it's name because if I do I'm liable to get sued.

Chinese restaurant mouse photo

Behind the Legend

Several variations of this legend have been in wide circulation, some saying that rats, kittens, puppies, and other stereotypical Asian delicacies were found in the restaurant. However, aside from large numbers of both new and used mice, the only other computer equipment found in the food preparation area was a desktop computer from high-speed gaming computer Falcon Northwest in one corner of the walk-in freezer (leading some versions of the legend to say that a frozen falcon or hawk was found on the site).

It is unknown why the restaurant was putting computer components into its food, and it is equally unknown why nobody seemed to notice (since, as the photo shows, chefs were going to no great pains to hide their actions). One theory is that the "additional roughage" was included as a cost-saving measure, and that the restaurant's high-profile clientele said nothing because they assumed that everyone else knew what was going on and didn't want to look unhip.

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